Holiday apartments near St Mark's Square in Venice
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About Venice

Venice is an amazing place. Yes, it is a very popular tourist destination. But more importantly it is a thriving city. Up and down the canals you will see barges going to and fro delivering all the daily essentials of life from builders' supplies to barrels of wine, from the post to fruit and vegetables.
The emergency service boats roar up and down with their sirens blaring! Go a few yards from the main tourist spots and you'll discover homes where ordinary people live.

Venice is such a romantic place - perfect for relaxing against the ever present gentle sound of the water.


Please look at our website which gives information on apartments in Rome and in surrounding Lazio. Why not consider a two centre holiday combining both Venice and Rome? Travel by train in under 4 hours from £25 (if you book in advance) or try the new private company

(Please note that 'A Place in Venice' is an integral part of our business 'A Place In Rome')

The Apartment

Our beautiful apartment in Venice is owned by our friend Luigi. We first met Luigi some years ago at the birthday party of an Italian friend, Venti, who lives in London. Luigi wants to continue to use his family home from time to time, but also wants to take advantage of its location by renting it out to people who would enjoy visiting Venice. Not only is the apartment itself delightful, but its actual position within yards of St Mark's Square makes it a superb base from which to see Venice. You'll be able to get up and out there in the morning when it is quiet and appreciate the wonders and beauty of the place and its surroundings.

Our own story about letting apartments in Italy began in 2001 when we purchased an apartment in Rome - see our Rome website for more details. Venice has been a city which has intrigued us, and so we are more than delighted to be able to add this lovely property to those we are able to let out in Rome and surrounding Lazio.
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